Original TurboPower Mobile Phone Chargers Never run out of juice.

Designed to keep you going at home or on the go,
Motorola official turbo mobile phone chargers
quickly power you up wherever and
whenever you need it most.

  1. Turbo Fast Mobile Mains Chargers

  2. Motorola TurboPower 15+ Mains Mobile Charger + USB-C Cable

    Get a burst of energy that keeps you going all day. The TurboPower™ 15+ mobile wall charger is the updated version of the original TurboPower™ 15. With Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 capability and backwards compatibility with QC 2.0 charging protocol, this mobile charger is even faster than its predecessor and delivers hours of power in just minutes of charging.* Includes a detachable USB-C fast speed charging cable and you can use it on any USB-C compatible Android smartphone/tablet.
  1. Turbo Mobile Phone Car Chargers

  2. Motorola TurboPower 25 Micro-USB Mobile Car Charger

    Get a burst of power in just minutes of charging when you're on the go This car charger is a fast charger and provide up to 40W total of power (up to 25W from attached micro USB cable and up to 15W from the USB-A port).* It charges all compatible devices, and rapidly charges all Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 enabled mobiles. The Micro-USB plug allows you to connect to Micro-USB compatible devices. The USB-A port allows charging for compatible devices depending on the connector cable (USB-A to USB-C cable for USB-C devices or USB-A to micro USB cable for Micro-USB devices).
  1. Fast Phone Charging USB Cables

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